Masonry and retaining walls and their benefits for your property

Masonry and retaining walls and their benefits for your property

Zaruma and Sons Landscaping is a company that besides doing your landscape it can also assist you further with all things concerning masonry and stone work. For a long time we have been providing our locals with top notch techniques to build their retaining walls to protect their soil from crumbling and coming apart at the seams.

What are the advantages of a well delivered masonry work done for your retaining wall?

In the containment of land with reinforced masonry walls it is an economic system compared to other containment systems. Therefore it is appropriate in areas where the work surface is limited and requires a quick implementation because the walls are quick to lift a fairly flexible due to its prefabricated nature as in the case of armed land.

Likewise, the strategy with which the retaining walls rise is quite flexible both in terms of topographic adaptability since assuming any form and at the level of absorption of set foundation. Besides the fact that you could say that aesthetically in some cases allows revegetation of the outer surface integrated with the natural environment. This is when masonry meets nature.

For our honest assessment and your benefit we can also acquire the right masonry solutions to the disadvantages your retaining wall is not properly installed.

Now the problems or disadvantages of these types of retaining walls are mainly in their execution, as care must be taken methodically, having special relevance the choice of filler material, which must meet specific technical requirements, as well as compaction, which it must be done correctly. With our team of professionals at Zaruma Sons and Landscaping you can be assured that this issue does not meet our masonry expertise.

On the other hand in reinforced walls, the emphasis should be placed on protecting reinforcement against corrosion that can endanger the whole system.

With all this we can realize that problems in the walls, lie in its survey because the materials must always meet a series of standards as already mentioned are specified and are sometimes not followed by other contractors. We are a team that excels in meeting high standards of execution, so make sure to come back for more information and call for a free estimate!